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Галерея «И»Продано!Sung-Ho Baek. The Master of Haengma

Sung-Ho Baek. The Master of Haengma

Haengma is a Korean Go term which pertains to most efficient way to develop a group of stones in Go. Playing the correct haengma depends on the context. The same haengma can be good or bad in different situations. You should always consider the surrounding position when deciding which haengma to play. Professionals will not play a move until they are sure of the worth of the stone and its full potential. This is why they will deliberate on moves even during common josekis. This is the difference between professionals and amateurs who will often play quickly.

В наличии: нет
Формат: 150×225 мм
Издание: OROMEDIA, Korea, 2009
ISBN: 89-90079-93-0
Язык: английский
Объём: 288 страниц

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