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Галерея «И»Продано!Y. Yoon. Think like a Pro: Haengma

Y. Yoon. Think like a Pro: Haengma

This book's special characteristics:

● The contents of this book are often seen Haengma from recent actual games played by Korean professionals.
● This book is divided into 4 parts:
   — shapes that take control of the situation,
   — shapes that breakout,
   — shapes for attecking, and
   — shapes that come from jeongseok.
● The book is divided into 5 levels of difficulty.
● Actual professional game examples were placed at the end of this volume to aid in understanding.

Количество: нет
Формат: 150×225 мм
Язык: английский, корейский
Издание: Oromedia, Корея, 2006
ISBN: 89-90079-35-7
Объём: 192 страницы

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